Choose The Right Venue For An Event:

Venue or site selection for event is supposed to be one of the most perfectly planned decisions. Location plays a very important role regardless of the event type, be it a social gathering or a seminar, you need to be watchful. Site selection should be made as per guest’s convenience. Also surroundings of venue should be unruffled/calm & unique. From seating arrangements to lights, from food to sound, each foresaid is directly connected to event’s feedback. Presence of guest is advantageous only if they feel cozy, entertained and relaxed. Keeping in mind -events are game changers, and may uplift revenues for business, bringing back loyal consumers and more. The fact that event should be considered pertinent platform to engage for betterment, cannot be ignored!

What are the necessary elements that define a perfect venue?
Venue is an interface between the guest and host. Two heads are better than one-so you can always take advice while choosing a site. For instance, it’s a conference & speaker is trying to put his views, at that very point sound of vehicles intrudes the speech. The situation is explained to make sure an event may reap maximum benefits if decisions are well-thought out & vice-versa. Deciding venue for an event includes several elements including: Location, Facilities, Accommodations, Food & Budget. Let’s examine each of the following essentials in detail.

Selecting Perfect Location: Try and figure out, reach of your venue from different point of views. Typically ask the following question to yourself- Can guest reach to the location on time? Is the location accessible for those coming from distances? What if some guests arrive on time while others arrive late? This situation is not good for your very first impression building scene. Beginning of an unsought knock is enough to pour water over your efforts. It is far easy for the guest to arrive if location is easily accessible by their own transport. At times hosts even arrange transportation facilities for their guest. Even if transport is self allotted, be aware since it’s just the outset. Events are restricted to timeframe. You need to finalize a location that is feasible for “all” not “some”. Evaluate travelling time, such that attendees don’t end up wasting major time on travelling. So, better safe than sorry. In addition, proximity to airports is vital for guests travelling by their own.

Required Gathering Space: Well, projecting required space is something which depends on deep understanding, probabilities and most importantly experience. Nevertheless, in both the situations there should be appropriate space for guests. Event space also depends on theme/decoration/sitting arrangements & presentation style selected. Social gathering, assertively require more space, with different areas for food an entertainment. Once you have full understanding of type of setup required then you can easily work on space. Do set a limit of invitations perhaps, extra space can always be added once you have a well-defined data for discussions. Is it a cocktail party, reception, launch or a meeting? Deciding sitting arrangements may differ from round table to theatrical, each having their own benefits.

Considerable Available Facilities: Even the smallest thing could mean a lot and should be taken into consideration. Facilities are always to filter the odd ones out. Check for parking space, valet parking as per guest’s demands. Analyze & advice security team to check cameras prior to event. You care for guest to let them care for you. Guest should be greeted with an appeal. This gesture builds foremost impression of hosts in views of each visitor. The venue should be highlighted on signboards to avoid confusions. Facilities provided during the event involve perfect combination of light effects, projectors, microphones, speakers at their best. Technical staff should be heedful to fix any short-comings that could irritate attendees. Management & staff should be in close proximity of requisites to eliminate confusions

Exploring Food & Dining:  Stuffing dietary may turn up into voluminous wastage altogether which bores a hole in decided funds. Quality food items served are far better than quantity of items grouped together on menus. So before opting for food, choose serving style whether it is a buffet or customized seating. Menu selections are often done in a hurry. However food holds significant position when it comes to building impression which lasts for long. So, be cautious to serving time, wrong eatable served during wrong hours could be awful. For hot weather lots of drinks should be served at regular intervals including- soft drinks, fruit juices and more beverage. In case the events time slot is for a whole long day, then meals are served in twofold. Be cautious about visitor’s health, advice caterers to keep fat percentages to minimal.

Some Takes On Closing Step: So, the thumb rule says -Venue sets the scene! Even if cuisines are exceptional with inspiring entertainment, guest would never return pleased unless venue is, at ease. Stage, dance floors areas, product display site all should be well-fitted in the aura of event. At times, mere uncertainty in communication may lead to an uncontrollable situation. Nonetheless, a hitch is likely to turn up, even if things were going seamlessly, but there should be a plan to reduce impacts. In addition, you may always be ready to take site inspection in processing of decorations and final takes. For the indoor venues, there should be a combination of optimal temperature and visibility of stage. In case of outdoor venues, lights, sound and ambiance should be according to the weather. Never let fine details of event planning stop you from achieving your goal, analyze & divide each task in categories, so you don’t end up messing things around.

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